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interior of a gallery, a long piece of paper hangs vertically on the left, a screen and seats on the right and a radiator with bottles of water at the front right
installation shot of Trap Piece 7 (BPA) (bottom right), 'The Taste of Water: Leaky vessels, flowing rituals and non-consensual collaborations', Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, November 2022 - March 2023, © Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Photo: Simon Veres

a temporary tattoo with the phrase 'she studies but she does not learn'
Trap Piece 1 (She Studies But She Does Not Learn), 'Speech Sounds', VISUAL Carlow, June 2022 © VISUAL, Photo: Ros Kavanagh

a box of perfume placed in the corner of a bathroom
Trap Piece 2 (Mercury), 'Carpeted Stares', AMP Gallery Peckham, London, June 2022

stickers on the side of an electrical box
Trap Museum, 'Carpeted Stares', AMP Gallery Peckham, London, June 2022
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person sat on floor with laptop on knee, a microphone cable curls around them ending near their foot
Three...Redux, solo performance at San Mei, London, July 2021

screenshot of Pocket Theory website showing images and pop-ups with text and audio, Wysing Arts Centre, March 2021

a television screen showing a video of a blender walk-through
a booklet placeed on a black shelf
Underarchive, 'Concealed in the Half Light', Catalyst Arts, Belfast, August-September 2021